The vineyard of the Finca Sa Pletassa is located in the wine region “Pla i Llevant” – an AOC area of Mallorca.

Pla i Llevant is a “smaller” wine-growing region in Spain, in terms of the vineyard area. With area of around 340 hectares, about 200,000 liters of wine are produced each year – expanded in about 13 wineries (bodegas).

Our wine-growing region can not keep up with the large Spanish growing areas. Nevertheless, in 1997 the the Pla i Llevant was awarded Spanish seal of origin D.O. (Denominación de Origen). But the tendency can be described as increasing – as well as in quantity as in quality.

The vineyards are to a large extent in the low level of Majorca, in which also fruit and vegetables are cultivated. The soil provides the vines with a fertile, clayey and calcareous soil on which the vines can thrive. The richly-colored subsoil is often compared to that of the southern Rhône valley (France).

The climate in Mallorca is very mild:

  • An average of over 2800 hours of sunshine per year
  • Rain we receive on average 420 l per m²
  • Average annual temperature: 19° C
  • Maximum values ​​up to 39° C / low values ​​down to -2° C (frost)

The insular position in the Mediterranean leads to long and warm summers, while the rainy season is more likely to establish itself in the autumn and early winter months. February is the actual winter month. Important for the growth of the vines are the morning mist fields and the subsequent mountain winds, which dry the grapes again. The Mediterranean is more likely to compensate for larger, monthly temperature fluctuations. Mallorca rarely has problems with the sugar content of the grapes. If anything acidity is the challenge.

Vineyard Sa Pletassa

Vineyard A:

  • 0.72 hkt
  • Merlot
  • this vineyard will be rebuilt in 2020

Vineyard B:

  • 0.74 hkt
  • Petit Verdot (2014)
  • Trial grape “Piwi” (2015)
  • Premsal blanc: replanting in 2019

Vineyard C:

  • 0.85 hkt
  • Syrah (2014)
  • Tillering density: 1m
  • Line spacing: at least 2.50m
  • Irrigation: Groundwater resp. drip system for young grapes
  • Soils: lime / clay / stone – medium sedimentation
  • Vinifcation: individually and / or individually assembled
  • Expansion: steel and wood
  • Partner: Armero i Adrover – Felanitx